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Where is the Ranch? (click to see large map)

The ranch is located 6 miles west of Dubois, Wyoming and about 70 miles east of Jackson Hole Airport. It is situated at the base of the Wind River Mountains, commanding spectacular views of the Wind River valley, the Dubois red rock “Badlands” and the Absaroka mountain range to the north. The property directly abuts the Shoshone National Forest, a vast wilderness area contiguous with Teton National Park and Yellowstone, yet it is less than a mile from Wyoming Highway 26 and is easily accessible year round on a good gravel road.

Travel to Homestead Draw Ranch is easy. Flights to Jackson Hole Airport are provided by Delta (from Salt Lake City), United (from Denver) and Northwest (from Minneapolis). Several auto rental agencies serve Jackson Hole airport including Hertz, Avis and National. A beautiful 1 1/4 hour drive through National Forest brings you to Homestead Draw Ranch and Dubois.


Spectacular Natural Beauty

All times of day hold beauty in this part of the world. Sunset, sunrise, mid-day, are all the best time to see and experience spectacular views and the kind of wilderness that can only be found in Wyoming.