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You don't have to go far to find interesting things to do and see...

The town of Dubois is unspoiled, friendly and picturesque, with wooden sidewalks and traditional western storefronts. There are several restaurants and excellent shops for western wear, hunting and fishing gear, Indian crafts, and books on local history, geology and wildlife.
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The National Bighorn Sheep Center provides information about the largest U.S. herd of bighorn sheep that winters just east of town and summers in the Wind River mountains. An excellent gallery of western and wildlife art is on display in the Dubois Conference Center.

Evenings are lively and strangers are welcome at the Outlaw Saloon or the Rustic Pine Tavern where people of all ages gather to square dance every Tuesday evening in the summer.

The Homestead Draw Ranch is an excellent home base from which to explore northwest Wyoming: Teton and Yellowstone Parks to the west and the Wind River Indian Reservation to the east are all within 1.5 hours by car.

The Homestead Draw Ranch is a tranquil getaway where one can simply relax in a spectacular setting or enjoy the excitement of various outdoor activities.